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Eland Online Store is a 100% U.S. Seller

Posted by Will L. on

Hello, we would like to make this clear that, Eland Online Store is a 100% U.S. seller. We stored all the inventories in Corona, CA. We are not a drop-shipping online store. Our customers do not have to worry about long wait of shipping time. Our customers don't have to worry about lost of shipments. Eland Online Store is guarantee of our customers' order and shipment. We take customers' satisfaction very very serious. 

Most of the drop-shipping online stores are sending their products from China manufactures. Eland Online Store keep all the inventories in Corona, CA. We send all the orders from California, not China. We guarantee our customers' shipment. We accept return and refund. We take care of defected items. Our customers can always count on a U.S. seller.

We agree that the drop-shipping online store's prices are much more compatible, but there will be risks that customers will have to take. Shipment lost is very common. Also customer services are pain in the ass, since they do not have the actual product on hand. They won't be able to provide the "Know how" for their customers.

Please do not hesitate to let us know what you think about Eland Online Store. We are always here to help and listen, another advantages as a U.S. seller. Thank you.